It’s Happy Birthday at Cocktail Hour! G&T anyone?

♫Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday to me-eeeee, happy FIRST birthday lieslg!♬

Yes, it’s that time.  One year already – wow!  And how apt that it should fall on a G&T Friday!!

So in honour of a year IN, and it serendipitously coming about at my G&T Cocktail Hour, I’ve decided to play on numbers today ━ yes, you guessed it, the number 12 is going to be in the spotlight!

12 things for which I am grateful ━ on the 12th month of my blog-run ━ in two thousand and 12, the year in which we all DELVE…deeper!

1.  Of course!  We have come this far, and I am only now really getting into my flow with you, and loving the be-heck outta you to boot.  It was always my intention to transition to this digitised notebook ━ my über-umbrella under which my cornucopia of ideas can take shelter, percolate and flourish.  My own neighbourhood of crankin’ creativity, where all wave at each other over fences.  To all of this, a special G&T salute!

2. My peeps.  Family is indeed foundation!  When it’s built solid, it can withstand the mightiest wind and the angriest storms ━ the grit and the muck can slap up against your window, right the hell off!  Love is a short word, but its shadow is looooong, and I am grateful in my knowledge and experience that family fluff and frivolity is one thing, but it is FamilyFoundation that rocks ━ and rules! My nuclear family – including my dad who is indeed now our heavenly father!  My love, my rock, my friend ━ Mario, often referred to here as my NumberOneMan™.  My extended family scattered all over the world and Oz, but whose hearts are always near.  My family through marriage-thread!  My Transplants and Indiggies also known as my friends ━ those ‘transplanted’ from other countries, and my Aussie mates.  AND of course the newest peeps ━ my PrettyPetticoats and BobbyBritches.  Yes, that’s you out there who lovingly let your eyes roam over my words!  To all of you, a special G&T salute!

3. Coffee.  Yes, especially the smell of goooood coffee wafting into my bedroom whilst I get dressed.  Yes, NumberOneMan™ does this well!  To you, a special G&T salute!

4. Gifted bottles of le vin rouge.  I visited Casa Mama this past weekend, and not only did we leave with the customary Tupperware containers of good food, but added to that stash came the red in multiple bottles!  One, a South African 2005 Pinotage from Môreson ━ a riverside winery nestled in the picturesque mountain settings of Franschhoek Valley. That it reminds me of Gary, is extra sweet; My dad was an avid collector of South African wines.  To this, a special G&T salute!

5. Word Mistress. Being referred to as Word Mistress!  Such a compliment.  To you, a special G&T salute!

6. Challenges.  Work.  Exercise.  Personal.  Sometimes they play on their own.  Other times they come together in one big raucous party ━ oh, the hangover!  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  If my aim is to continue to sprout in new and wonderful ways, then I have to deal with pushing through the dirt!  And the things we learn…SO big, so nourishing ━ a whole lotta messy, but that’s what the ritual of bathing is for ━ wash away the gunk and soak those aching parts!  Meeting my challenges face on, and getting uncomfortable on a regular basis, is the best comfort I can be rewarded.  To these, a special G&T salute!

7. My creations.  Yesterday, while searching for some laptop screen cleaner, I came across some of these in one of my many notebooks!  It was a lovely distraction, and an even lovelier reminder of all the things within me, and all of the things I am doing.  It’s a wink from my Universal A-Team.  And for this, a special G&T salute!

8. Gorgeous Winter weather.  Cerulean skies and the Sun-babe giving these cold days a pimpin’ polish ━ so good!  A special G&T salute to you!

9. Baby Bliss.  It’s never been in my grand plan to have babies. Strange, because I absolutely love them!  Back in the day, my friend and I would laugh when I’d say, “You pause for the dogs, & I stop for the babies!”  There is something so infinitely pleasing about them, and twice in the past two days, toddlers prompted a smile and animation from me ━ I must also add that both times I was mid-way through my training session, and not generally a time for smiles or convivial conversation! To the kidlets ━ a special G&T salute indeed!

10. A good read.  From the frivolous fun and inspo I get from magazines, to the hardcopy books of my youth, and now the online onslaught, I am just in heaven!  I read you all ━ anywhere I am!  I laugh with you, get inspired by you, I get lost in you ━ relish you; I learn from you and I meet amazing people through you!  I am a lucky lass.  So to you my bedfellows, I salute,  and a special G&T one to boot!

11. Serendipity.  In all things!  Finding your answers ━ so fluidly.  Being lead.  Discovering places and things on your radar ━ so fluidly.  I think serendipity is sweet and most definitely sassy, and to her I raise a special G&T salute!

12. Snippets!  When time is on a tight leash, many things get lost ━ often the things you most want to do!  So when suddenly I find myself gifted with snippets ━ of both time and fiery ideas, I have to just…be in awe ━ and G&T mode!  Odd things, odd times all find their way into my inspiration inkwell and I realise that all things can be done ━ we find a way.  To the bits-&-bobs, I wave at you, a special G&T salute!

And with that, I have the birthday G&T salute down pat!

But, of course, that’s not all!  As a little weird-y birthday treat, I’ll finish off with a wish and…

12 Frivolous Facts about the girl, in celebration of her blog birthday ━ bombastic! lol

1. I love double and triple-salted Dutch liquorice, and Brussels sprouts!

2. My dad’s pet name for me was appeltje (meaning little apple in Afrikaans).  He used to always say, in a lovely lilting voice and with a big smile on his face, “Hello daddy’s little appeltje”!

3. I could happily live without ice-cream.

4. My name, spelling included, is directly from The Sound of Music!  My mum was a huge fan ━ and still is today.

5. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa.

6. For the first year of my life, I had no hair!  My mum got used to the many “Oh my, isn’t he gorgeous!” and “He is sooo cute, what’s his name?”  hahaha

7.  In 2001 I wrote and recorded a song.  It was nominated in the 2011 MusicOz Awards.

8. In 2002 I surprised Mario with a recording of “Happy Birthday” for his birthday, which was promptly played in the private room at The Park Hyatt, much to the surprise and delight of all in attendance ━ waitstaff included!

9. I am an excellent parallel parker!

10. I completed my 3-year Drama degree ━ from Melbourne’s La Trobe University ━ in two years.

11. To date, I have lived in 5 countries.

12. My favourite book is the dictionary!!

Hope you were thrillingly entertained! lol

Over and out ━ have a smashing weekend! xx


Get into the driver’s seat of your WordWisdom & turn up the volume!

Welcome to week 2 of…

WednesdayWord Sass!


And this week’s word is…


[er-yoo-dahyt, er-oo-]

Adjective meaning:

Someone who has a wide range of knowledge and who is well-read.  Someone or something characterised by great knowledge.

For example:

An erudite professor or an erudite commentary.

Used in a sentence: 

Although experienced and erudite, the professor did not communicate well with his students.

Feel free to add your own examples in the comments below – how you’ve used erudite in your own conversation or correspondence!

WickedWednesday to you my PrettyPetticoats and BobbyBritches!!

Your WordMistress™ signing off x

One month…

Most would pull out the party poppers & spill some fizz at a one-year mark.  I am not most.  And particularly now that my thoughts have a place to call their own!

It dawned on me, about halfway through today, that today is indeed one month since I opened the doors to my blog!  Exciting.  It means that I have started,  that I have engaged with spam [!] and a sprinkling of real readers;  It means that, finally, I have put my fridge-slapped-Goethe-alert into action!  It means something.

It also means more mind-mire, damnit!  Yes, you mind!  Never content to leave me be – always gatecrashing.  As soon as I remember to gently raise my hand to give myself a pat on the back, she rushes in like a child coming back for a second helping of a-t-t-e-n-t-i-o-n.  “Yes, but…” and “That could be so much better” and the finale “It has to be perfect!”

So what happens next?  I steel myself and simply say “Stop”.  You see, while the road still has its speed bumps, I’ve chosen the road of adventure, so I expect that now – in a good way.   My adventure is not yet grand;  It’s a beginning so it’s small.  But, the gesture is grand – oh so grand, that when I tilt my perspective, my heart opens up & beats out a spiffy little jig – just for me!  And then I can just get on with it.  Do my thing & make merry with my slice of blog-gâteau.

So, other than Mind messing with Action [or at least, taking a valiant shot at it] , what else have I learned?

I’ve come to know…

☛ I really enjoy writing!  I could do it all day.

☛ Starting things can be a whole lotta fun.

☛ Same mind mash, same ups-‘n-downs, only now, my little venture gives me sweet salve.

☛ The unknown is not as scary as one thinks;  Unlocking the unknown is quite fun, and teaching oneself is even better.

☛ Patience. Patience. Patience – makes a wonderful partner.

☛ The sweetness & privilege of this kind of indulgence.

☛ MillyMyMind™ has good intentions – she just needs a little training!

☛ I do indeed know how to steer my own ship.

☛ People are wonderful, if we allow them to be;  We are wonderful if we give ourselves permission to be.

☛ Whatever you want to do, requires a little thought and a whole lot of hard work;  You can walk only if you put one foot in front of the other.

☛ It is so important to celebrate the little things, the small strides, the tiny achievements, even if they don’t even rate a ripple in a teaspoon.

☛ And finally – for now –!

I do enough.   I have enough.  I am enough.

Blowing a BIG kiss of gratitude to my coterie of PrettyPetticoats and BobbyBritches!  Much love!