I’ve always had crazy ideas!  Some see the light of day & others, well let’s just say, are lazily banished to the basement.  I am so over that!  I want my babies to have a proper life, no matter how small; they deserve to see the sun!

Sometimes we start & stop something countless times.  We feel the burn of an idea & the intoxication of pure excitement – the world is ours!   Yes!  Right!  Bingo!  And then? Well, often nothing!  It fizzles into nada-land.  But you know what, that’s okay.  Nothing more or less to it.  We all do it, and we all have our reasons.

I am the Queen-Lulu of ideas simmering in Fizzle Town.  Am I going to beat myself into a piece of putty over it?  No. Not anymore.  I’ve chosen to just roll with it!  Sometimes it’s fun to have a bunch of pop-‘n-fizzle in your life.  Ta da, there I said it!

There is a lot to be said for child-like enthusiasm,  conjuring up crazy notions – being Glasgow kissed by the biggest one!  Yes!

Keep doing it!  Welcome them, because when we begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.  Somewhere within, something stirs;  Somewhere out there, something shifts.  And stuff happens!

So in the vein of pop-‘n-fizzle, here is my POP!  And let’s not worry about the fizzle just yet….I am putting some of my babies out to bask in the newly arrived Spring sunshine.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I have an idea & it goes something like this…WELCOME to my Step-Up-To-September!


Cinema:  The Help.  dvd:  PARIS. The Luminous Years.


Indoor rock climbing!


A calamondin & a Fresi


Sydney Observatory 


A helicopter ride over Sydney! [And not just any helicopter!  Oh, yes, when it happens, I shall reveal!]


Billy Kwong’s fried, biodynamic eggs covered with home-made XO sauce, organic tamari, fresh chilli and shallots, served over rice!


A green smoothie, a green juice, and MORE water.


Jeremy & Jane Strode’s mini chocolate soufflés.

My rope & copper necklace [copper bits rescued from the construction site next door!]


Relaxed!  LESS serious, critical & obsessed with “fixing” things!  Generally?  Just “be”!  Full stop.

What’s on your current pop-‘n-fizzle list?!