Happy Birthday ┃TWO today!

Bonne Anniversaire

Two years! It’s hard to believe, but here I am, two years after the first post!

It’s been a little start-&-stop on repeat in this CyberCorner. Not quite how I had envisioned or planned it. And certainly not because I have little to say; Au contraire! I have a caboodle sitting on the surface, waiting to pop…and even more to show and share.

But sometimes ─ or perhaps, most times, life begs to be lived away from this haven.  It so happens, that as soon as I kick-started this baby, my husband and I Olympic-style dived into the launch of our business ─ an innovative online platform for businesses! It’s been a long path of incredible ebb-&-flow on roller-coaster-wheels! To say that my full attention was called upon, may perhaps be a little bit of an understatement :)

And while I sulked at times, like a two-year-old (!) because I wanted to hang out here more, I knew better than to resist……things have this wonderful way of juuuust working out.

So. Here we are on this most magnificently sunny Sydney Saturday, and I am giving thanks for being here, in all senses of the word.

I look forward to being here, more……and more and more and then some more!

And to you who are here, thank you! Take a sweet moment today to simply be…..& appreciate.

Happy Birthday lieslg

“Your gratitude is watering your abundance” ━ ms brownskin

Dear Life…

Dear Life

In the words of Danielle LaPorte

Dear Life,

For……dreams; a warm bed; new bed linen; sales; girlfriends ─ old and new; coffee catch-ups; yoga; Saturday morning post-yoga-coffee; creative collaborations; like-minded folk; visual inspiration; online browsing…& sometimes shopping; my left-brain in overdrive; attention to detail ─ my penchant and skill for it; having a flat screen in my kitchen; reverse-cycle air-conditioning; refund credits; Friday night dinner-date at my favourite local pizzeria; good Italian wine; sweet car spots; a clean and gleaming car; daily driving; watching the sun come up; fresh bread; raw milk; fresh flowers; warm sheets; new cafés, good coffee; the best piccolo I’ve (seriously) ever had; Share Your Victory®; good news, my brother’s coffee art; wearing something different every day, from the wardrobe of endless nothing-to-wear, & with fantastic results! Emoticons; watching documentaries while cooking; multi-tasking; textured black and white surfaces; vintage pieces; my design pieces finally coming out of storage; feeling more and more at peace with my intense desire to purge; lovely & meaningful messages from my yoga teachers; Manly; tahini+raw cacao+raw honey; green tea with roasted rice; my ring finger and the ring on it! Simple outfits that look good and feel superb; a bit of Paris around my neck; white Moleskines, raw salads; the irritating stuff; the annoying people; the frustrating situations; the smell of lavender….and coffee; easy telephone conversations; freshly baked goods and excellent timing; babies; metallics; music organisation; movies; rainy days; girl-day-ventures; café-hopping; SundayShenanigans; good ideas; the sound of boiling water pouring into a cup; a-kind-of Spring-breeze, in the middle of the week, in the middle of Winter! Chai tea; Loacker biscuits; multiple compliments on my Sportsgirl statement necklace, on its début outing;  old Winter scarves coming out to play, & the ensuing compliments; yoga goodies; sweet sales staff, and excellent customer service; hi-top sneakers; new Ugg boots; hot showers on super-cold days; working like a demon; my husband’s word-wizardry (lol) his vision and his ongoing love; ahimsa; phone chats with mama bear, and being completely content……I bow.

Thank you.  Merci.  Baie dankie.

Thank you!

May the arms of Gratitude reach down to you!

May the light of gratitude shine on you!

Every day is an opportunity to be grateful, so here I am today gazing into my gratitude…

Quick trips to visit the family.


My personal hotspot for convenient cyber-cruising while driving home from the nation’s capital (obviously not me driving!)

Pivotal meetings.

Answers from the Universe.

Timely affirmations ─ watch your thoughts!


Girlie coffee catch-ups.



Organic produce, and getting to my co-op just as the fresh stuff’s being unloaded!

Finding soil still clinging to my organic spinach…as close to a veggie-patch as I can get right now, so feeling a tad blessed.

‘Rinsing out the toxins’ ─ yes, bring it on!

The difficulty of the second consecutive yoga class….& both the difficulty and ease of the 11th one!

Something on the cover of Sally Wise’s A Year In A Bottle, got me thinking…..& I’d decided that I quite like the idea of ‘marinating myself in some belief, confidence and positive thoughts’.

Lying in bed and listening to the rain coming down in torrents!

Waking up to ‘Believe’


Getting up for yoga, after just 3 hours sleep, and championing through the heat & sweat & aching muscles!

Lemongrass and turmeric-infused grilled chicken for lunch ─ yum!

Essential oils ─ lavender and peppermint.  They are so versatile.  I sprinkle lavender on my pillows and bedsheets; I use both lavender and peppermint in my homemade cleaning products; as a room fragrance; in my bath; I’d dab some lavender on a rogue spot and even a fever blister, or simply swipe some under my nose if I need encouragement to relax!

Drinking lots of water and herbal teas + healing tisanes…bless.

Healing Tisane

The immense undercurrent of energy surging up and through my utter exhaustion from yoga.

Stripe-y tees!

Cafe-offices!  No distractions ─ just the hum of the machine and the buzz of the folk around me;  It’s great too that both the dude and the gal on either side of me, are also working away on lappies ;)

Cafe Office

Organising celebratory dinners, and remembering to bring the candles!

Bday-dinner celebration

Leather ─ the love affair continues.


Poignant messages from my yoga teachers during class.  It makes me instantaneously break out into the hugest smile, and gives me the strength I need to get through the pose with mindfulness and grace.

It's magic

Weekday wanderings ─ so peaceful, so good.

Bricks-&-Mortar stores…so that my kinesthetic self can go into sweet overdrive.

Sticking to the plan.

L.e.t.t.i.n.g G.o!  I cannot say and be grateful enough for this!

A supreme errands day!

Finding clothing gems whilst in a bubble of post-yoga zen.

Yoga buddies!!!

Big, fresh, fat & flakey croissants.  It doesn’t feel ‘bad’, just simple French goodness flipping all over my taste buds! (Oh, and last time I checked, they’d skipped right past my hips!)

A super-productive week, helped along swimmingly by yoga!!

Less analysing, more breathing and plunging in ;)

Misty mornings and being up super early for yoga.

Work flow…more and more.

My new cosy workstation at home.  I can cook, work, and watch fab doco-films (or other) pretty much all at the same time now.  Yes, I am definitely on-track for my PhD in Multi-tasking!

New music.  Thanks to Caitlin, friend of SisterSledge.

Old exercise gear!  It’s come in handy for the earlier-than-expected start to my yoga commitment. 12 days so far, and raring to go go go!

Sunday biking.

Action shot!

Action shot!

Manly Food Co-op.  Fresh, organic, and bulk!!  My bottles and bags go everywhere with me!

Making small, positive changes in my vision to…refuse, reduce, re-use, recycle and rot!

Learning to praise myself for all that I have done/accomplished rather than berating myself for what still has to be done/achieved.  Any bit of effort is appreciated, and……there is time.

Finding my ‘Believe’ note in bed with me!! Sign much?!  Sleeping with my belief…hmmm, has a nice ring to it……EM-bedding my belief, even better!

Dropped from my ceiling & into my bed!

Dropped from the ceiling into my bed!

Free wifi at my second cafe-office.  It helps that the vibe is cosy and the coffee is good ;)

Commitment.  I am capable.  12 (bar 3) consecutive yoga days in, and counting!

Music.  I can and usually work in silence ─ it’s just a thing.  But the other day, I re-discovered one of my music accounts, and just like that I was bopping to a new kinda work rhythm…so good!  Some of the tunes I listened to…

*Warning: Lyrics are explicit!

It’s true that music means memories, and music means movement, so get up and dance like a crazy b*tch!

Thank you!

Sending you BIG love and gratitude.

Thank You!


Please-and-Thank-you…life’s staples!  Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to add your own tidbits of thankfulness below.

This week, I’m grateful for…

Soda bread

Marrickville Markets


Sunday morning at Brickfields

Zero Waste Home I love her motto.  And I love it even more that she lives this way in such a stylish home!  Swoon, StyleSister!  And she’s French!!

My moment

Silverbeet at breakfast with my eggs layered over it, and at dinner with my lamb chops sitting a-top.

Wholefood Warriors’ sprouted, vegan pancakes with a savoury filling of veggies, meat, salad, fresh herbs, hummus and chilli.  Having it for breakfast?  Even better!

The sweet guy who checked that I knew Mario as he had seen M wander off with my iPhone while I was ordering coffee!  Kind and caring folk do exist!


Spending time with my li’l brother.

Being more mindful of waste, and doing my bit to reduce!  I am determined to follow this path, a start of which I’ve already made.  Now looking forward to sourcing places where I can buy my milk in refillable glass bottles!

My new followers on lieslg!  Welcome lovelies ─ you totally make my day, & not in a numbers kind of way, it’s rather that you like what I am saying here.  Bless you.


Brown-glass apothecary-like bottles.

My valiant attempt at reducing rather than simply de-cluttering!  Also, mindful de-cluttering!!

Sarah Wilson and her i-quit-sugar-movement.  Not only is it educational (& confronting!) it is also a beacon of light, and something to which to aspire.  Addendum: I fail all the time in sticking to sugar-free.  I am so attached to sugar (and not the kind you may think either!) without even having known it.  But knowledge truly is empowering and once you know, you do have to make choices based on that (confronting!) knowledge.  Having said that, I no longer berate myself when I trip over (mouth first onto that chocolate bar!) I just move on and try again.  I know (as with a lot of things these days) that the switch will click over and things will just be……the road of endeavour indeed pays off.  I’m yet to use the i-quit-sugar chocolate cookbook, but I am excited about giving it a wholehearted shot.  Did I mention that I am determined to transition into this tribe?  Well, I am determined!  Plunge in and Prosper I say!

Fakkes Stifatho

Maria Hannaford over at Econest.  I love and learn from her philosophy, weekly, and her Greek-inspired recipes are divine!  Just this week I tried the Fakkes Stifatho ─ yum!

Fresh laundry…yes, it makes my heart sing!

Impromptu styling at home…I’m pretty sure it’s a calling!

Kayaking!  I tried it for the first time, a week ago, and it was pretty awesome, and easier than I thought!

Bloglovin’!  The interface ─ it’s so much better than Google Reader.  My import is now also complete, so I can happily tick that one, off my infamous to-do list!

Inspiration hitting me mid-something-else!  And this usually means that another thing also gets done, created, produced.  Can’t not be happy with that.

Last season’s inexpensive, cobalt-blue, part-cashmere pullover, from Zara, keeping me warm on Sydney’s first real cold day!

Repurposing!  This perspex container used to be my tissue box, until one of the tiny screws of the lid fell out.  My intention was to replace it, but then I happened upon the “reduce & re-use” train of thought, and decided that I no longer needed to buy tissues, at least not for every room in the house!  And just like that, my erstwhile tissue box made the move to my kitchen, and my tomatoes are very happy!


Bulk shopping at my local co-op!  So good to stick to the Refuse, Reduce + Re-use motto.  I’m getting there and loving the process.

Good Japanese for an impromptu lunch.

Hanging out with friends ─ impromptu and midweek, the best!

Nettle tea and homemade chocolate.

Elephant Bling

Re-visiting my old jewellery!

Getting ready to sell some of my things on Gumtree.  Here’s a snippet…

A brand new pair of last-season Giorgio Armani sunglasses with original cloth and case

A brand new pair of last-season Giorgio Armani sunglasses with original cloth and case

A brand new pair of last-season Gucci sunglasses with case

A brand new pair of last-season Gucci sunglasses with case

Vintage bag

Vintage bag

Revelations or a-ha moments, and coming to them very simply…while doing the dishes!

Letting go ─ of what you think you want and need, of how you think it should be or unfold; letting go of the expectations, and the struggle.

Acceptance…of everything ─ self, circumstance, thoughts, situations, people…accepting and then simply being grateful for how it is right now.  NOTE:  Acceptance is very different to giving up, so please know that.

“No amount of self-improvement can make up for a lack of self-acceptance”

Dr Robert Holden

What are you thankful for this week?

Thank you!

Thank you!Every day is an opportunity to be thankful.  And every day, amidst the madness of life, one has to remind oneself of exactly this.  I particularly push myself through the gates of gratitude when I least feel the bliss of the g-word.  And while I begin reluctantly, by the 3rd or 4th thank-you, I am rearing to go and with a huge smile that starts at the root of my liver and heart!

I give thanks in the morning, while still in bed, & starting with my bed!  It’s deliciously warm and comfortable, and had just provided the best platform for a stupendous night’s sleep; Makes a big difference to one’s day.

I give thanks at night, yes again in my bed ─ a popular pulpit for gratitude! hahaha.  And also everywhere and anywhere in between.  Whenever I remember, I’ll quickly shoot off one or a few things for which I am grateful……sometimes, I’ll take a moment in the sun, over my latte, to scribble a score of gratitude in one of my favourite Moleskines.

I gave my thanks its first public platform here on lieslg, & revisited it every Friday at Cocktail Hour.  I stopped for a while, but then I came back; I re-jigged the name and now it sports a simpler moniker.  It may no longer (strictly) be weekly, but it will continue to find its place here as it’s such a big part of my life anyway.

Being grateful really opens up my eyes to abundance…my own abundance.  There is no room or necessity to want-and-wish for anything or anybody else’s life or good fortune.  And it’s the quickest and simplest and cheapest way to happiness and…generating some more of that much-desired abundance.

So here I go……

Share Your Victory ─ it teaches me so much about myself, business and people.  It’s the 3rd member of our family.  It’s our heart.  It’s our livelihood.  And because sharing victories and supporting each other is what it’s all about.

lieslg ─ it gives me such pleasure hanging out here and writing and musing to my heart’s content.

A Cowboys-&-Indians party!  Yes, as you can see below, I’m half Indian (top) and half Cowboy (bottom) ─ a somewhat cheeky nod to my own mixed heritage!

Hands up!

A cluster of feathers and a bubble gun!  Oh, the little things ─ hahaha!  This is an old Sportsgirl necklace that I quickly fashioned into a my version of the Indian headdress. I bought the bubble gun from a local toy store & then gifted it to the kidlets after the party. Here’s to thinking creatively (to avoid unnecessary costume shopping) and supporting local, small businesses as well.

Cerulean skies

Cerulean skies.

Curly Top

Curly hair.

Meeting new people all.of.the.time, and giving time to friends who have been in the fold for a while.


Old jewellery coming out to play again.

Manly, and hanging out on the harbour.


Green juicing, always.

‘All that I need to know is revealed to me.  All that I need, comes to me in Divine Right Order’

Discovering Kundalini yoga.

Jewellery design sketches!!!


Letting go and allowing.

Long ocean swims.


The Gordon Family

Old photos of my dad, his dad and his mum.

White Moleskines!!

The distillation of my 2013 Core Desired Feelings: self-acceptance (enough)│believe (confidence)│purpose (excited) │focus (accomplished).  Sweet-Swoon!!

Organic almost-everything!

Raw milk!

Trieste limited edition coffee pods ─ such lovely smooth chocolate-y undertones.


Amazing sunsets and magical moon nights.


Visiting family in Canberra.

Entrepreneurial ventures.

Meeting up with blogger buddies.

Sundowners with friends at Belgrave Cartel.

Taking up with Pinterest again ─ so good!

Sugar-free snacks.

Anzac Day.

A Friday lunch-date with a beautiful friend.  A bonus that we were spoilt with mazarine skies, a balcony with ocean views, a gorgeous apartment, yummy food, fab company, music and good ole fashioned laughter!

Herbal teas.  My current favourite is planet organic Chai Spice, while my ongoing love is for Genmaicha with roasted rice.  Ahhh…wicked work companions.

Imagination.  My imagination.  It’s such a blessing.  An escape and also home…as well as a  fabulous foundation for birthing ideas and collaboration and business ventures and your Dreamality™


Getting up super early on a Saturday to experience the second-last day of a pop-up cafe. It helped that the view to the sky, beach and ocean was magical, and that the service, coffee and food was fantastic!  Here’s hoping the pop-up becomes permanent.



Getting shit done! hahaha.  And Sundays are simply super for this very reason.  I got my dye-ON, my writing too ─ hello 4 articles, in the space of about 3 hours!  And cleared out my jewellery and more clothes!


Snippets…of TIME!  This is precious and divine, all in the one breath.  Shit.can.be.done.in.snippets.of.time!  I was never one for that ── I’ve always preferred long stretches of time…to start, keep going until that ‘thing’ was finished!  Oh, the old ways! Hahaha.  Well, the snippets…of TIME thing is gratifying with a capital G!  It’s called life, it’s called this-needs-to-be-done-along-with-everything-else, it’s called focus, it’s called “no more excuses”, it’s called ‘Yay, I can do this’……and I quite love it, because it’s getting shit done!


Lazy Sunday mornings (before getting shit done!)…in bed!  Being ridiculous, silly, narcissistic…whatever…it’s about trying shit (as well as getting it done!), experimenting and putting it out there.  I call this my grainy rendition of the 1980s-Elle-Macpherson-in-bed-for-Gilles-Bensimon’s-Sunday-morning-photographic-experimenting!!

Plunge in and Prosper!  My mantra for 2013 and beyond.  So good.  Incidentally ms brownskin came up with this one, and I love her for it!  So, I am super thankful to be able to get my PIP on!

Snacking on Love and Forgiveness.  And being reminded to do so just when I most need to.  It’s so-good soul-food I tell ya!

Letting go of “my plan”.  Oh boy, so hard to do, but I’m blinking determined to Plunge in and Prosper!


My kitchen corner ─ much body-&-soul-food is prepped here with joy (the joy bit, more and more these days!)

Clearing out the physical junk to allow my much-loved and treasured possessions to shine and give me joy, make me smile every time I catch a glimpse of them or that one thing.  I am enjoying my improved plan of having, in my home (and wardrobe), only that which I absolutely adore.


Mothers’ Day and being with family, for the whole weekend.


Burgers with a twist!  Yes, that’s sprouted rye & spelt and oh, so yummy!

Cafe love and new ingredients…hello mustard cress + chilli on avocado.  I will be re-creating this combination at home.

Exercise.  Honestly, not as anticipated as my hit of morning nectar, but very satisfying once it’s done (and yes, good for the mind, body and soul!)

Each.new.day…full-stop!  And realising the magnanimity of this daily gift.  It’s not just another day to endure, it is carte-blanche on repeat if you’re lucky enough to be alive and in receipt.  I sometimes need reminding (day-dredge can be persistent in her visits!) and when I am reminded, I can deeply realise and deeply appreciate.


Give thanks…appreciate…when you least feel like it too, because it will flip your switch to feel-good pretty much pronto!

BIG love xoxo

Thank you!

There is nothing like the little thank-you prayer to wake up your well of abundance, and this week, I am truly grateful for…

Working Saturday

Working Saturdays ─ they are seriously the best…no interruptions, you work from a place of chilled-the-hell-out & want-to, and productivity is simply prodigious!

Starting my mornings with a glass of water and Apple Cider Vinegar.  My daily gift to my liver.

Coffee…always, and best taken early in the morning ─ hot, in a small glass and preferably outside where the water glistens and the sun greets you with her smile!

Bulb dresses…sheer with a lick of sequins, and at least 4 years old.  FancyFeelin’ for a Saturday night out!

Dinner with real Southern hospitality!

Meeting like-minded folk.  There’s nothing like getting closer to your jungle and closer to your tribe.

Spiked sweet tea!  Oh-em-Gee!  For someone who is not a dark-spirits drinker, this little refresher goes down a treat.  Plans to serve it at my casa soon!

Wine deals…sweet sweet sweet!

Water lilies!!!  I have always loved this flower…they feel so incredibly decadent, and even more so when you gift them.

Beautiful Bloom

Good friends.

Mini, sweet Kumato tomatoes eaten with chopped up Lebanese cucumbers.

The May Cause Miracles online conference.  So many magical peeps in one divine hit!

Being guided…by my inner-guide and the Universe.  So good.

Exotic Green smoothies

Exotic Green smoothie

Air-conditioning and cool breezes ─ both essential in the last few days here in Sydney, and both greatly appreciated!

My humongous reading capacity…and thank God, as I adore reading-&-learning!

SundaySundowners…especially when they are impromptu, the evening is balmy, the location, beachside and the folk just lovely!


Impromptu dinners with friends…where they cook for you with love!

Good music!  This week…Supreme Beings Of Leisure ─ yes!

Homemade yoghurt infused with orange blossom. Uh…DEEviiiine!

Entrepreneurial friends who are going after their dreams and getting there.  So much in common…so much with which to confer.

Girl on a swing

Family.  Full-stop.

Coconut butter.  The raw, organic kind.  So versatile….I eat it, cook with it, put it in my hair, on my face and on my body.  Pure goodness.  And it smells divine.

Wednesday’s moon.

Harbour adventures ─ mid-week!


Being helpful.

Waking up ‘in the middle of nowhere’

Using everything in my fridge, freezer and pantry before hitting the store!  Such an accomplished feeling.

Making stand-out meals, twice in one week, with pretty much ‘nothing’ in the way of ingredients…it’s Nigella on a WHOLE new level!

Being so incredibly well-looked-after, when out at my local grocer’s…service…kindness.

Fresh sheets!

Lavender essential oil…and pure rose water.

The best things…because they are always freeeeee!

“This man can monologue like nobody’s business”!!  “louche and raucous”…”broody and belligerent”  So so so grateful for words…such wicked wizardry!

Salmon soaked in Harissa, and mini baked potatoes together with organic butter, sour cream and fresh coriander… all joining forces on my plate-party.  Sooooo beyond YUM!

Inner hustle (!!!!), a gooooood Good Friday, chilling and only minor plans…& serious anticipation of Diana Vreeland’s The Eye Has To Travel!

Happy Easter!  Inhale some LOVE as well as the chocolate!


Thank you!

Thank you!

As the minutes whizz by, the days and this week, I stop for a moment now to acknowledge them all ─ with thanks…

The “publish” button.  It makes me want to hit it up some more!

Exercise.  I never really feel like it, but I always feel great after I’ve done it.

Jo’burg tales.

MaltEaster bunnies.  I know, epic iquitsugar fail, but…..no excuses, just is.

Aloe Vera ─ on my face, on my body and in my hair, post-swims.

“In this moment, I am in complete acceptance of ALL my life  ─ its challenges and its joys.  I am blessed” – Tommy Rosen

Belgrave Cartel…just as I was hankering for some Surry Hills love!  Great coffee and a cool urban vibe.  Love the new refurbishment, and looking forward to Sundowners soon!

Adventurous dinners!

Biiiiig Double Brie cheese wheels!  Cheese and crackers ─ the best snack.

Mammoth Sunday Green-juicing sesh.  Reaping the benefits maintenant!.

Fresh sandwiches eaten by the beach.

Writing writing writing….oh and did I mention writing!!??!!

Nighttime photo-sorting….albums, categories….a Virgo-rising Libran dream.  Organisation rules!

Discovering new music ── ROOF!

Quadrangle Rooftop Markets at Office 2010.  The bomb!

Divine cocktails (and food) from Naked Indiana, and the sweet folk there ─ hi Bec!

Fresh figs  ─ one more hit before the end of the season.

Magazines.  Real Living ─ my all-time favourite, Madison, Harper’s Bazaar and InsideOut.  I don’t buy them as often as I used to, and now when I do, they are a real treat!

A Tale of Two Cities…..it may be a while yet, but it’s gonna be a goodie.  I, for one, cannot wait!

brownskin…..ms brownskin and her poetry-prose.  I almost forgot just how good she is for my soul!

Erecting boundaries and breaking down barriers!

Share Your Victory®

Mini-meltdowns.  It’s bound to happen, so I just go with them, and appreciate them, because they are there to serve me and it’s up to me to take that cue.  I am thankful that I can and do, even though the eye-of-the-storm is the pits.

Clarity + Energy.  They come in full-force after the mini-meltdowns!

My curiosity and my seeking nature.  I wear the halo of Hope-Springs-Eternal, and happy to don it.

A juicy mango just before dinner.

Home-made tomato pasta sauce.

A continuous pictorial thread of inspiration from the iquitsugar Instagram feed!

Curly hair compliments!

Vintage black leather, white boots, old lace-&-linen tops, and black Zulu beads.

Last-minute appointments.

Inspiration from Maria Hannaford at Econest.

Trying…again and again and again.

Suddenly things…stuff just coming together without my ‘logical’ effort!

Thank you again!

Thank you!

Thank you!

It’s time……to take a moment to say thank you thank you thank you…

1. My Best Moment Award!

2. Friday afternoon with Gabby Bernstein!

3. The Internet for its wide-reach (see #2!)

4. Knowing that the Universe has my back, and her wee sign today (see #1!)

4. FabulousFriday indeed!

5. Being t.o.t.a.l.l.y. re-inspired by my own baby…my blog lieslg!

6. iTunes radio – oh, the variety!

7. Sipping red wine while cooking dinner

8. South African mince curry & roti – oh yeah!

9. The practice of ‘focus’ paying off

10. My BIG hair curls!

11. Being inspired by the little things…the big things

12. Being on-track!

13. Working on the weekends – so productive!

14. Impending weekend wonder-weather!

15. Getting to see my sister……soon!

16. Love, support, supply, abundance!

17. Homemade coffee

18. Extra swimming laps

19. Soft-sand running

20. My swimming stroke…apparently it is the bomb! hahaha

And this is only a snippet of one day’s worth of gratitude & thankfulness…WOW right?!

Life-affirming stuff.  Try it.  What are you grateful for right now?

It’s Cocktail Hour! G&T anyone?

I have much for which to be grateful, but today I am leaving it all in my BlueBook – also known as my cobalt Moleskine.

All I need to do in this space is to say thank you…to me.

It’s been a tough week. She is with me all the way. And it’s time for me to allow her to step away…

It’s dvds, my book and good food to round off my end-of-week. Oh, and very much looking forward to my day with Louise L Hay and co!

Cheers xx

ps: remember to be kind to yourself, however hard you want her (or him!) to work and achieve!


It’s Cocktail Hour! G&T anyone?

A stream begins with a droplet…so here goes people ━ your G&T on tap!

❥Morning gratitude – so good beginning one’s day with thanks. I highly recommend it.  If it seems that you may not have much for which to be grateful, let me assure you that you do!  Once you start, it’s much like turning on a tap ━ it’s amazing and uplifting all rolled into one.  I take my morning gratitude over a glass of morning nectar and a huge hit of sunshine – I scribble and sip, on repeat while simultaneously sucking up some sun!  If I miss my MG, I hit up some G&T on the other end of my day, cocooned in bed.  Just as toasty and gratifying❥Letting go – sometimes you just have to let go!  Stop. And give yourself some love and peace❥Getting to bed earlier❥switching off the laptop at 8pm!  So hard! But so good for me❥Getting back to hard copy books.  How could I forget what that feels like?! Looking forward to whole afternoons of reading❥Vegetables roasted in coconut butter.  Who knew I could do this number for dinner and be satiated?!❥Giving ‘Raw’ a real shot.  It’s exciting and in motion❥Paying attention to my resistance…with love rather than loathing❥Reducing my coffee intake and just feeling how it feels❥Mario’s word-isms!  Man, do they crack me up!  Laughter seriously is the best remedy!❥Talking with my mamabear – big LOVE right there!❥Likes, comments, emails and gifts from SisterSledge!❥My li’l brother’s entrepreneurial spirit, and his crack-me-up humour.  He loves to refer to me as his weird, crazy-ass sister!❥My thought-capsule reserved especially for my dad – it has been FULL these past 2 weeks❥Catching up with my most amazing entrepreneurial Transplant™ girlfriend over a super healthy FridayBreakfast.  She is an inspiration and it was so lovely exchanging on that business level as well❥Zipping around town in Lady Josephine (my car!)❥Reading food labels, and understanding them! No small feat I tell ya!❥Experimenting. Special mention goes to eco skincare (peeps, SO much better for you and SO inexpensive and so few things in the toiletry bag!) and raw/whole-fooding!❥Getting real❥“If your goals aren’t terrifying you, they’re not BIG enough!”❥Raw cacao smoothies, minus the agave!❥Vision boarding, again! lol❥Fab additional strength-training exercises ━ thank you outdoor personal trainers!  Sweet serendipity indeed as I don’t normally even notice anyone around me when I’m in huff-‘n-puff mode!❥Ahhh…Apple Cider Vinegar, in my mouth, on my face & through my hair. So good.  Organic and INexpensive!❥White Oriental lilies! So beautifully fragrant and lovely to look at too❥“Wouldn’t it be nice if…”❥Being treated so well during recent SundayShenanigans™ at Chez Dee! My first visit, and a blog post to follow soon on my experience there!❥Nikki Gemmel – I adore this woman, & she is a delight in person!❥Throwing myself into my own BeliefBouncingCastle and knocking myself out!  Frick, it’s scary-feel-good, and a fabulous ‛get real’ activity.  You should SO try it!❥PomPoms!❥Grabbing whole moments of complete contentment – no past or future thoughts required!❥Impending weekend catch-ups with good friends!

My loves, the tap doth runneth over, but I’ll stem it there…and let you take it from here!  I want to hear your love-lists, I do! What’s making you happy? What are you loving right now? What’s putting you in full appreciation mode!  Hit up the comments ━ I would love nothing better!

Oh, and take this with you as you wander through your weekend…