In The Middle Of Things!

New Years’ resolutions.  I am not a fan.  It’s far too absolute – now or never – and far too much expectation!

Starting afresh…trying something new…editing, adding & subtracting…taking action…following up, dreaming up something new, something different…or simply trying again, now that’s more my style.  It still subscribes to the notion of the New Year’s Resolution, but it’s refreshing, encouraging and most of all, it can be initiated or kickstarted at.any.time!

No need to start on a Monday,  after the holidays or New Year’s Day!  Start whenever…just wherever you are –!

Because we live our lives every day – we don’t start it on a special occasion.  And we navigate the best way we know how, with all that we have around us – the knowledge, the resources and the support from awesome people.

So let’s not beat ourselves around the head or heart.  Let’s decide to be the head cheerleader on our TeamSelf!  Let’s laugh with it, around it, at it, and just have fun especially when mistakes happen & we slip up!

Because when we do, we can always start again –!  Bring on Wednesday, the beginning of April or that far-too-hot Thursday evening!

Beginning in the middle of things is cool.  It’s the best.

I have a whole bunch of stuff that I will be initiating, in the middle of things, and I’ve already made a start.  A week or so ago, I bought myself a brand new Moleskine – it’s the best incentive ever to start scribbling dreams & fanciful notions!*

I am excited because there is no pressure.  It’s purely some things that I want to action.  I’ve dreamed it up,  I let it simmer in my head for a spell, and then I simply got writing and intention-ing, all the while believing that it can & will be done, regardless of what the process may cough up.   After all, my get-out-of-jail card is to keep beginning where I am…!

So approach your New Year’s Eve celebrations with a sense of satisfaction, and a party spirit to rival the best!  Welcome 2012 – the year to DELVE deeper, exactly where you are…!

Here’s to swirling your skirts and kicking up those Kirkwoods in honour of a wicked 2011 wrap-up!

*Please note that the best ventures have started from fanciful notions!