Life ┃Yoga yanks at my heartsphere again!


Every time I attend a yoga class, something amazing happens.  Not outward ‘fireworks’ but most definitely something ignites on the inside.  And Friday was a case in point!  Due to work, I had not been to yoga in 4 days, and I was getting a little concerned that I was slipping.  So, last day of the week, I made it happen and at 12:08pm I was on my mat and ready to go!

It felt good being back, and good timing as I got to take a class with Duncan,  whom I had not yet met.  He promised us old-school moves; I got a tad nervous given my 4 missed days, but then I quickly remembered that my new modus operandi is to decide to try!

Three things came up ─ well 4 if you include my emotions! ─ doubt, faith and acceptance. Most of the time we are up against doubt.  We resist it.  We fight it.  In short, we want to eliminate it, get rid of it…annihilate with a capital A!  And in the end, the more we resist, the more the doubt digs in.  Not nice.

So here’s the thing, my yoga-message-thing……the only way to win the war against doubt is simply to leave it alone.  Leave it alone in its camp and move over to yours ─ your Faith-camp to build your faith.  Yup, that simple.  Keep adding layer upon layer of delicious faith, taking your first step with…acceptance ─ yes, when you can simply accept yourself, accept your circumstance, accept things as they are ─ right now, that is the first and foundation-step of your faith-building.  You’ll also find that once you can accept (wink) acceptance, this first step becomes your pivotal step, as everything starts to flow and connect in ways that even the best strategist could not better map out!

These days, I’m finding that my Vinyasa yoga practice is my panacea for the doubt  ─ the fear.  The idea of these constant companions no longer send me down the path of hopelessness-slash-failure. Instead, I accept that they travel with me, only now I am aware that by allowing the acceptance to happen, I can focus on growing my faith ─ faith in myself and faith in the wider workings of this great Universe.

To be clear, acceptance doesn’t mean that everything will now be ‘solved’.  It doesn’t mean that things are now ‘perfect’, or exactly how we want them to be.  It does, however, mean that it’s okay.  It’s all good.  It is ‘perfect’.  It is exactly how it’s meant to be ─ right now.

I did a little more accepting during this practice and I am so grateful for the prompt.  I smiled in acknowledgment then promptly dipped into some Hippo-heaving tears during Fish pose (Matsyasana). Whoa!  Cleansing. Relieving…reminding me that this is my lesson.  Reminding me to be brave.  Reminding me that I can be brave.  Reminding me, more importantly, that I am already brave…& inviting me to catch up to this thought.

What do you need to accept a little more today?  Take a moment to just do it.  Accept it for what it is ─ how it is.  Accept. The shift is subtle but oh my, you can really feel the reverberation!

I accept

Acceptance is the key, because acceptance, thankfully, is the antidote to analysis and ensuing angst.

Amen to that!


Dear Life…

Dear Life

In the words of Danielle LaPorte

Dear Life,

For……dreams; a warm bed; new bed linen; sales; girlfriends ─ old and new; coffee catch-ups; yoga; Saturday morning post-yoga-coffee; creative collaborations; like-minded folk; visual inspiration; online browsing…& sometimes shopping; my left-brain in overdrive; attention to detail ─ my penchant and skill for it; having a flat screen in my kitchen; reverse-cycle air-conditioning; refund credits; Friday night dinner-date at my favourite local pizzeria; good Italian wine; sweet car spots; a clean and gleaming car; daily driving; watching the sun come up; fresh bread; raw milk; fresh flowers; warm sheets; new cafés, good coffee; the best piccolo I’ve (seriously) ever had; Share Your Victory®; good news, my brother’s coffee art; wearing something different every day, from the wardrobe of endless nothing-to-wear, & with fantastic results! Emoticons; watching documentaries while cooking; multi-tasking; textured black and white surfaces; vintage pieces; my design pieces finally coming out of storage; feeling more and more at peace with my intense desire to purge; lovely & meaningful messages from my yoga teachers; Manly; tahini+raw cacao+raw honey; green tea with roasted rice; my ring finger and the ring on it! Simple outfits that look good and feel superb; a bit of Paris around my neck; white Moleskines, raw salads; the irritating stuff; the annoying people; the frustrating situations; the smell of lavender….and coffee; easy telephone conversations; freshly baked goods and excellent timing; babies; metallics; music organisation; movies; rainy days; girl-day-ventures; café-hopping; SundayShenanigans; good ideas; the sound of boiling water pouring into a cup; a-kind-of Spring-breeze, in the middle of the week, in the middle of Winter! Chai tea; Loacker biscuits; multiple compliments on my Sportsgirl statement necklace, on its début outing;  old Winter scarves coming out to play, & the ensuing compliments; yoga goodies; sweet sales staff, and excellent customer service; hi-top sneakers; new Ugg boots; hot showers on super-cold days; working like a demon; my husband’s word-wizardry (lol) his vision and his ongoing love; ahimsa; phone chats with mama bear, and being completely content……I bow.

Thank you.  Merci.  Baie dankie.

Life ┃where you are…

where you are

Too often, we are tinkering in the past or future-tripping.  Too often we are wishing for something else, someone else, some place else…too often.

Today, let’s sip on this thought.  Today, let’s say out loud “I’m exactly where I am meant to be!”

Look at how far you have come, how much you have learned (since this time last year….gosh since even this time last month!).  And appreciate your efforts, especially the small ones.  Hug yourself ─ it’s really quite funny-awesome to do ─ yell out a ‘yay!’ Smile…do a flipping victory jump or pirouette!

You’re on track.  You.are.on.track.  Know that.

Sending you a BigBall of squish-able love xx

Life ┃I worship at the altar of…my pink rubber mat!


Sunday Altar

It’s Sunday.  It’s early.  Raining.  I’m in the middle of Downward Dog on my pink mat, and I hear this…

“Every achievement starts with the decision to try”

Simple!  And with that, I try everything on offer in this very intense, early Sunday morning practice.  No matter if I think I can do it or not.  I simply decide to try it…do it…done!

It kicks fear to the kerb, and all analysis to the ground.  It’s good.  I highly recommend it.


Life┃ And the messages keep coming…


When you are depressed, you are in the PAST.

When you are anxious, you are in the FUTURE.

When you are at peace, then my dear friend, you are in the PRESENT.

Yes, think about it.  It makes total sense.

These wise words came to me today during my yoga class, mid-balancing (read difficult!) pose, and I had to smile ─ it truly felt more apt than to grimace!

And this is why I love yoga so much.  Not only do I get meaningful messages such as this one, it also delivers a rigorous physical, emotional and spiritual ‘massage’ ─ from my first to my last breath of my practice…& it carries through like a divine ripple well after I’ve left class.



Thank you!

May the arms of Gratitude reach down to you!

May the light of gratitude shine on you!

Every day is an opportunity to be grateful, so here I am today gazing into my gratitude…

Quick trips to visit the family.


My personal hotspot for convenient cyber-cruising while driving home from the nation’s capital (obviously not me driving!)

Pivotal meetings.

Answers from the Universe.

Timely affirmations ─ watch your thoughts!


Girlie coffee catch-ups.



Organic produce, and getting to my co-op just as the fresh stuff’s being unloaded!

Finding soil still clinging to my organic spinach…as close to a veggie-patch as I can get right now, so feeling a tad blessed.

‘Rinsing out the toxins’ ─ yes, bring it on!

The difficulty of the second consecutive yoga class….& both the difficulty and ease of the 11th one!

Something on the cover of Sally Wise’s A Year In A Bottle, got me thinking…..& I’d decided that I quite like the idea of ‘marinating myself in some belief, confidence and positive thoughts’.

Lying in bed and listening to the rain coming down in torrents!

Waking up to ‘Believe’


Getting up for yoga, after just 3 hours sleep, and championing through the heat & sweat & aching muscles!

Lemongrass and turmeric-infused grilled chicken for lunch ─ yum!

Essential oils ─ lavender and peppermint.  They are so versatile.  I sprinkle lavender on my pillows and bedsheets; I use both lavender and peppermint in my homemade cleaning products; as a room fragrance; in my bath; I’d dab some lavender on a rogue spot and even a fever blister, or simply swipe some under my nose if I need encouragement to relax!

Drinking lots of water and herbal teas + healing tisanes…bless.

Healing Tisane

The immense undercurrent of energy surging up and through my utter exhaustion from yoga.

Stripe-y tees!

Cafe-offices!  No distractions ─ just the hum of the machine and the buzz of the folk around me;  It’s great too that both the dude and the gal on either side of me, are also working away on lappies ;)

Cafe Office

Organising celebratory dinners, and remembering to bring the candles!

Bday-dinner celebration

Leather ─ the love affair continues.


Poignant messages from my yoga teachers during class.  It makes me instantaneously break out into the hugest smile, and gives me the strength I need to get through the pose with mindfulness and grace.

It's magic

Weekday wanderings ─ so peaceful, so good.

Bricks-&-Mortar stores…so that my kinesthetic self can go into sweet overdrive.

Sticking to the plan.

L.e.t.t.i.n.g G.o!  I cannot say and be grateful enough for this!

A supreme errands day!

Finding clothing gems whilst in a bubble of post-yoga zen.

Yoga buddies!!!

Big, fresh, fat & flakey croissants.  It doesn’t feel ‘bad’, just simple French goodness flipping all over my taste buds! (Oh, and last time I checked, they’d skipped right past my hips!)

A super-productive week, helped along swimmingly by yoga!!

Less analysing, more breathing and plunging in ;)

Misty mornings and being up super early for yoga.

Work flow…more and more.

My new cosy workstation at home.  I can cook, work, and watch fab doco-films (or other) pretty much all at the same time now.  Yes, I am definitely on-track for my PhD in Multi-tasking!

New music.  Thanks to Caitlin, friend of SisterSledge.

Old exercise gear!  It’s come in handy for the earlier-than-expected start to my yoga commitment. 12 days so far, and raring to go go go!

Sunday biking.

Action shot!

Action shot!

Manly Food Co-op.  Fresh, organic, and bulk!!  My bottles and bags go everywhere with me!

Making small, positive changes in my vision to…refuse, reduce, re-use, recycle and rot!

Learning to praise myself for all that I have done/accomplished rather than berating myself for what still has to be done/achieved.  Any bit of effort is appreciated, and……there is time.

Finding my ‘Believe’ note in bed with me!! Sign much?!  Sleeping with my belief…hmmm, has a nice ring to it……EM-bedding my belief, even better!

Dropped from my ceiling & into my bed!

Dropped from the ceiling into my bed!

Free wifi at my second cafe-office.  It helps that the vibe is cosy and the coffee is good ;)

Commitment.  I am capable.  12 (bar 3) consecutive yoga days in, and counting!

Music.  I can and usually work in silence ─ it’s just a thing.  But the other day, I re-discovered one of my music accounts, and just like that I was bopping to a new kinda work rhythm…so good!  Some of the tunes I listened to…

*Warning: Lyrics are explicit!

It’s true that music means memories, and music means movement, so get up and dance like a crazy b*tch!

Thank you!

Sending you BIG love and gratitude.

Things I love…

Things I like





sun on my back when I’m cold

being inspired

peeking into other people’s homes

creative people

unique interior styles

connecting with like-minded folk

“I can stand on my own, I’m magnificent, I’m a queen on my throne, I’m magnificent”!!! “I’m  magnificent! [say what, say what?] I’m magnificent! [say what, say what?]”  ─ Thank you, Jill Scott!

Magnificent lyrics like the ones above.  To all of the sisters, ladies, WOmen out there, let’s adopt this as our new mantra!


learning new things

popcorn ─ cooked with coconut oil on the stovetop

kind people

early morning, early evening, and late-late night!

road trips

sitting in a cafe, sipping on good coffee while people-watching and writing ─ there’s nothing better!

What are you loving at the moment?

Daily Outfit┃Cowboys-and-Indians!

About a month ago, I was invited to a backyard shindig, Cowboys-and-Indians-style and this is what I wore…

"Hands up!"

“Hands up!”

I had a vague idea of what my character would be, but it wasn’t until the 11th-hour that inspiration struck, and cemented a ‘get-up’ of sorts!  I rummaged in drawers and rifled through my wardrobe…and from there a ‘costume’ was born!

I didn’t want to hire or buy a costume, so this worked out well.  My only purchase was my prop ─ a bubble-gun from a local toy store, which the kids kidnapped pretty much as soon as I walked in!



With cherry-red feathers in my hair, bubble-making ammunition, and an original 19th-century underskirt, I was ready to put my best cowboy-boot forward!

And in case you’re confused about my ‘costume’, let me explain…I had decided to mix it up and give you (modern-day!) Indian on the top and Cowboy on the bottom!  It was a serendipitously cheeky reflection of my mixed heritage (no, not Indian, but mixed nonetheless) and it was both ‘dressed’ and comfy for a long night of dancing, eating, wine-ing, chatting and toasting marshmallows on the open fire!  Lots of fun!


Hair feathers:  An old Sportsgirl necklace

Lace bra:  Calvin Klein

Top: Asos dip-hem singlet

Skirt: An original 19th-century underskirt purchased at Karoo Moon Country Store, at The Old Biscuit Mill  in Cape Town, South Africa

Boots:  Vintage cowboy boots from Grandma Takes a Trip at Bondi Beach

Bubble-gun:  Purchased from Kidstuff in Manly

Inspiration:  Using what I have.

Thank You!


Please-and-Thank-you…life’s staples!  Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to add your own tidbits of thankfulness below.

This week, I’m grateful for…

Soda bread

Marrickville Markets


Sunday morning at Brickfields

Zero Waste Home I love her motto.  And I love it even more that she lives this way in such a stylish home!  Swoon, StyleSister!  And she’s French!!

My moment

Silverbeet at breakfast with my eggs layered over it, and at dinner with my lamb chops sitting a-top.

Wholefood Warriors’ sprouted, vegan pancakes with a savoury filling of veggies, meat, salad, fresh herbs, hummus and chilli.  Having it for breakfast?  Even better!

The sweet guy who checked that I knew Mario as he had seen M wander off with my iPhone while I was ordering coffee!  Kind and caring folk do exist!


Spending time with my li’l brother.

Being more mindful of waste, and doing my bit to reduce!  I am determined to follow this path, a start of which I’ve already made.  Now looking forward to sourcing places where I can buy my milk in refillable glass bottles!

My new followers on lieslg!  Welcome lovelies ─ you totally make my day, & not in a numbers kind of way, it’s rather that you like what I am saying here.  Bless you.


Brown-glass apothecary-like bottles.

My valiant attempt at reducing rather than simply de-cluttering!  Also, mindful de-cluttering!!

Sarah Wilson and her i-quit-sugar-movement.  Not only is it educational (& confronting!) it is also a beacon of light, and something to which to aspire.  Addendum: I fail all the time in sticking to sugar-free.  I am so attached to sugar (and not the kind you may think either!) without even having known it.  But knowledge truly is empowering and once you know, you do have to make choices based on that (confronting!) knowledge.  Having said that, I no longer berate myself when I trip over (mouth first onto that chocolate bar!) I just move on and try again.  I know (as with a lot of things these days) that the switch will click over and things will just be……the road of endeavour indeed pays off.  I’m yet to use the i-quit-sugar chocolate cookbook, but I am excited about giving it a wholehearted shot.  Did I mention that I am determined to transition into this tribe?  Well, I am determined!  Plunge in and Prosper I say!

Fakkes Stifatho

Maria Hannaford over at Econest.  I love and learn from her philosophy, weekly, and her Greek-inspired recipes are divine!  Just this week I tried the Fakkes Stifatho ─ yum!

Fresh laundry…yes, it makes my heart sing!

Impromptu styling at home…I’m pretty sure it’s a calling!

Kayaking!  I tried it for the first time, a week ago, and it was pretty awesome, and easier than I thought!

Bloglovin’!  The interface ─ it’s so much better than Google Reader.  My import is now also complete, so I can happily tick that one, off my infamous to-do list!

Inspiration hitting me mid-something-else!  And this usually means that another thing also gets done, created, produced.  Can’t not be happy with that.

Last season’s inexpensive, cobalt-blue, part-cashmere pullover, from Zara, keeping me warm on Sydney’s first real cold day!

Repurposing!  This perspex container used to be my tissue box, until one of the tiny screws of the lid fell out.  My intention was to replace it, but then I happened upon the “reduce & re-use” train of thought, and decided that I no longer needed to buy tissues, at least not for every room in the house!  And just like that, my erstwhile tissue box made the move to my kitchen, and my tomatoes are very happy!


Bulk shopping at my local co-op!  So good to stick to the Refuse, Reduce + Re-use motto.  I’m getting there and loving the process.

Good Japanese for an impromptu lunch.

Hanging out with friends ─ impromptu and midweek, the best!

Nettle tea and homemade chocolate.

Elephant Bling

Re-visiting my old jewellery!

Getting ready to sell some of my things on Gumtree.  Here’s a snippet…

A brand new pair of last-season Giorgio Armani sunglasses with original cloth and case

A brand new pair of last-season Giorgio Armani sunglasses with original cloth and case

A brand new pair of last-season Gucci sunglasses with case

A brand new pair of last-season Gucci sunglasses with case

Vintage bag

Vintage bag

Revelations or a-ha moments, and coming to them very simply…while doing the dishes!

Letting go ─ of what you think you want and need, of how you think it should be or unfold; letting go of the expectations, and the struggle.

Acceptance…of everything ─ self, circumstance, thoughts, situations, people…accepting and then simply being grateful for how it is right now.  NOTE:  Acceptance is very different to giving up, so please know that.

“No amount of self-improvement can make up for a lack of self-acceptance”

Dr Robert Holden

What are you thankful for this week?

Dream car┃Mercedes SL300 gull-wing 1954 coupé

Dream CarThis car sped across my vision a while back, and that was it…I finally had a dream car!

I had no idea what it was, except that it was definitely yesteryear ─ it harked to a dreamy other-era-loveliness.  As it turned out, it’s a 1954 baby…with wings, gull-wings!

Black, shiny, small, curvy, cute…stylish, I think this baby will give me wiiiiiings!

Addendum:  I don’t necessarily aspire to actually acquiring this sweet, sweet set of wheels ─ just having it in my see-scape is thrilling enough….oh, and it’s also pretty neat that I can now answer the question “What is your dream car?” with a very confident…

“The Mercedes SL300 gull-wing 1954 coupé ─ in black with red interiors” (of course!)

Post-script: I have just spied a white one, and I think I could entertain this version…or maybe I’d just send it Ivania’s way!

What’s your dream wheel-set?