Basil Pesto┃From My Kitchen To You!

I have always wanted to make my own pesto.  Today – finally – it happened!  And this is how it went down…

You’ll need


▪ A food processor or blender (although I’m sure you could whip it up in a mortar-&-pestle).  I have a Kenwood triblade.


▪ Basil

▪ Garlic

▪ Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

▪ Pine nuts

▪ Parmesan (Pecorino or Grana Padano)

How it’s done:

Wash and dry your basil.  Chop up your garlic.  Grate your parmesan.  Toast your pine nuts (this is optional)

Notice that I have not given you amounts!  I know, I know…but I actually did this free-fall!  I grabbed a handful of basil leaves, a handful of pine nuts, grated a handful of pecorino, and used a couple of glugs of EVOO!  You can always taste-test along the way :-)

Just be aware of garlic-overload!!  You want a sweet hint of delicious garlic not a knock-your-taste-buds-sideways wallop!!

And that’s it!

It was super quick and so easy ━ I definitely recommend you give it a go, and yes I’m talking to you non-Nigellas out there…because I am one of you ;)

Ways with your pesto:

▵Grab your nearest cracker or slice of ciabatta & dip in!  Oh, and try it atop a wedge of brie or camembert too – yum!

▵Your batch will last you a couple of days in the fridge so make it work for you by slapping some on a sandwich ━ cheese & tomato, chicken, vegetable or a salad sandwich.

▵ Stir through some pasta for a simple pasta sauce ━ add some parmesan to serve OR more pan-toasted pine nuts for extra oomph!┃For those of you who need some meat with your pasta, stir-fry some chicken and then add your pesto and pasta.

▵ Add it to a quick and easy pea soup!

▵ Drizzle it over a green salad ━ and add a few chunks of feta.

▵ Add a dollop on your lamb cutlets OR

▵ Stir through your mashed potato.

▵ You can also freeze your batch.  Fill an ice-cube tray & freeze. Once frozen, remove and store in a ziplock bag, back in the freezer.  This should last a couple of months or more!  Note:  if you choose to freeze your pesto, leave out the cheese – & add it only when you defrost your cubes.

I hope you try it ━ and if you do, link me up so that I can see your work!!

Any other pesto-ideas, please share in the comments below :)

From this side of Sunday to the other end of Monday ━ BIG love to y’all!

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