It’s Cocktail Hour! G&T anyone?

It’s the end of the week, and that means one thing!  We get to take stock and see just how FULL our G&T cocktail is!  Give it a swirl then smile and sip…smile and sip sip…aaahhhh…Friday – it’s worth the wait!
✚Morning affirmations in the sun with good homemade coffee – writing them out in my Cobalt blue Moleskine, saying them out    aloud, and feeling them come to life!
✚Editing to HipHop!  and writing SO much faster and better.
✚Being focussed.
✚Discovering new music artists and relishing in them all!
✚Drinking TWO LITRES of water everyday this week.
✚Meeting friends for drinks before heading out to VIVID to see the lights at Customs House, The MCA and the gorgeous images on the sails of The Sydney Opera House.
✚Hot chocolate to end the night – a rather fantastic night!!
✚Saturday’s bucketing rain!
✚ASOS packages in the mail!  I’m a bit of a LATE starter to the online purchasing phenomenon, but no matter, belatedly enjoying it nonetheless.
✚The Iron Lady!  Wow, Margaret Thatcher!  Wise woman!  I love the wee speech in response to “What are you thinking Margaret?”  LOVE her answer!!
✚Eating sugar!  Yes, it is important to appreciate and embrace ALL!  It’s funny, there’s no longer any guilt.  I simply acknowledge it for what it is and then move on.  What I have noticed though, is that each time now that I have a sugar-somethin’ it’s no longer that HIGH-hit it once was, and I am grateful for that because for me, I really don’t need it as a regular visitor to my temple.
✚The art of Editing! AND the final result!
✚Instagram!!!  It deserves the 3 exclamation marks to mark my ongoing excitement and increasing obsession!  It’s deliciously quick! Follow me @guguletugirls…YOU should sign up too, it’s easy peasy and SO much fun!
✚Visiting my old neighbourhood – favourite AND new haunts! Hello Bondi Beach – Bondi Hardware [hi Rebecca!] Porch & Parlour and Gertrude & Alice!  Altogether now…aaaahhhhhh…!…lol I’m a crazy-nut!
✚Sunday St. Vinnies’ finds!!!!  Laptop in perfect order [with bag] for $60, anyone?!!!  Pinstripe French-cuff, two-fold cotton shirt and 2 pairs of dark skinny jeans for upcoming Isabel Marant DIY!!!!!!  Can’t wait! Oh yes, and even in Bondi-hipsterville, it was still cheaper than a cafe brunch!
✚Making eyes (and other facial contortions!) with a gorgeous bub @ a cafe in Bondi.  Yes, sweet (stranger) baby-bonding!!
✚Spontaneous Sunday visits to gorgeous friends!
✚The rain!  And Keeping warm in my new Aztec cardi!
✚Walking into G&A for an impromptu take-out coffee, and walking out with said coffee AND Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point! Once more, serendipity at her best.  My good friend Monica at Pelle Recycled Shoes and Accessories told me about this amazing book back in 2005, and every so often since then, I’d been getting the nudge until finally on Sunday, I obviously reached the tipping point (pun intended!!) and bought IT!
✚Being focussed!
✚I AM a morning person!
✚Prepping gift-packages to go overseas.
✚Multi-tasking –  when work and domesticity share the same space, I can either see it as annoyingly interruptive (so easy to do!) OR I can simply view it as MY version of a super-charged circuit training sesh!  And as my running has been on the back burner in the last week, guess which is gonna work better for my mind AND body?! hahaha
✚Your mind is your PALACE.  And negative thoughts are not welcome!!! Guru-NumberOneMan!
✚ HIGH-hormonally-hued shitty days!  Because, let’s face it, they’re gonna come so we may as well appreciate them for all of their messy glory’s worth!  Besides, they are excellent teachers – highlighting and guiding…amidst the fuzzy-overwhelmed brain and tear-stained face!
Take a seat on your red throne m’lovelies and BE…terrifically grateful for who you are, where you’ve been and how far you’ve come!
WeekendWhimsy to you!
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