Beautiful Beets!

How often do you bake beets?  If you’re like me, that would be never – until now!  I am not intrinsically Nigella but every now & then, something happens in my kitchen and I morph into a DG – that’s Domestic Goddess to the uninitiated!  Yes ma’am I get my cook-on.

But even in this state, I still have my limits!  I am a foodie, absolutely, but you’ll find me more bum-on-cafe-seat-bar-stool-restaurant-chair, than twirling with the tongs in kitchen bliss. When I am in there, I have to like being there & the easiest way to that warm-&-fuzzy is the simple 1 2 3  –  1] Healthy   2] Simple  &  3] Tasty!  It doesn’t take much & that’s exactly how I like it in this potentially creative cavern.

Which brings me back to beets.  Sure I have delved into the tinned version on the occasion, & while tempted to turn on the oven for some “real” action, I have been as quickly deterred by the too-labour-intensive thought thread that ensued!

Untiiiiil I came across the lovely Jules at stonesoup & have been a regular recipient of her simple delights, including the baked beets! It is so incredibly easy.  And to save time, bake on the weekend when you have more minutes up your sleeve, & then whip them out during the week for a quick reheat in the oven.  That’s exactly what I did.  On the weekend, I whacked some in the oven for about an hour, & then whipped them out for our Monday evening meal – lovely.  And NumberOneMan™ thought so too!


1 bunch of beets, stalks removed & scrubbed well.  Cut in half or wedges.

2 tablespoons each of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


Pre-heat oven to 392°F or 200°C.

Pop the beets into an oven dish & spoon over the balsamic vinegar & olive oil.

Cover firmly with al foil.

Bake for 45 minutes to an hour.


I served mine with a prosciutto & rosemary lamb rolled shoulder roast, and a kale salad.  Oh, & as a last-minute addition, I sprinkled some South Cape marinated feta over the beets to create a little contrast in both looks & taste.

What’s on your list of simple-yet-delicious?

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